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Bablesex webcam

Um, can I just say that Justice looks EXACTLY like her famous...

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associations, the popular face plate-style masks of the 70’s helped opened a new door when it came to mask design.

The winner of our Famed Swedish artist Dave Gunnarsson took a much more graphic, yet incredibly dynamic approach to designing Bishop’s TRON Legacy mask.

of the Bucket Bracket Showdown finals (link above), but what really makes this a standout is the use of a new medium in a sensible way.

With 30 teams in the NHL, each with at least two goaltenders on their roster and some wearing multiple masks in one season, the league has seen thousands upon thousands of masks throughout its long history.

Ok, so goalies didn’t wear masks until the late 50’s when Jacques Plante became the first NHL netminder to wear one after being struck in the face with a puck and later returning to the game in the mask he had previously only worn for practice.

That all changed in 1974 when art student and former goalie Greg Harrison crafted a for Penguins goalie Jim Rutherford, commonly viewed as the first instance of personal art on a mask and thus spawning a new artform.

Harrison would go on to make masks for more than eighty percent of the league’s goaltenders in the 70’s, including the famed masks of Gilles Gratton, Brian Hayward and Wayne Stephenson, just to name a few.40-odd years later, goalie mask design has reached a new level of artistry and personal expression for netminders.

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A source close to the couple confirmed to Us Weekly that the couple is expecting and due later on this year.

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