Best stranger sex chat

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Best stranger sex chat

I've certainly took on board all the comments and points of view, and have concluded I've been a bit blas about it when I shouldn't of been.

It didn't even cross my mind that the girl I've been chatting to could be some sort of set up to lure me into a false sense of security (and there's me thinking I'm in control) if I do go through with it I won't be getting tied up as originally planned and he has been told this now, I'm still a bit of the opinion he is a normal guy and will be perfectly fine (well enjoyable I hope ) but will be making a few more precautions before hand with my friend. I would ring my friend once I got there and arrange for her to ring me at a specified time.

Also watch out for any cons the other women thing sounds a bit strange don't want any issues where they are planning something together.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to give your advice.

Not every guy is a creep of course and this guy might be totally fine, but it's always best to consider these things!

What if it's awful then you have to spend the night there!

I think something like that should require a lot of trust and communication, which I don't think you can have the very first time you sleep with someone (or the first time you meet them).

If BDSM is something you're interested in then I'd suggest getting to know the guy first and stick to vanilla sex until you're absolutely comfortable with him!

She felt that she needed to get it out the way- rip the band aid off kind of thing, or she would build up sex to be this big massive scary thing and it would put her off getting in to a relationship. She doesn't want a relationship, she got too burned by her husband so she's just taking opportunities and enjoying herself. I've always been a prude (even with my husband, prob why he felt the need to sleep who other people! I really miss sex but can't be bothered with getting feelings hurt etc.

Have you got a friend you can trust who will come with you if it's at hotel, and wait with you until he shows?

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We're talking really kinky stuff which isn't / wasn't me .....I guess I'm a bit sick of being me and getting the excitement of buying the clothes and other stuff he has asked for......wondering if this is a bit twisted I guess? We have spoke at length about how we both see it going, in a way it feels a lot safer than going into town getting drunk and having a one night stand if that makes sense?

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