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Carlos bernard dating

"I don't know if people could take that – they had a hard enough time with me!" Over the past eight years 24 has become a worldwide hit and catapulted Bernard to stardom – evidenced by the obsessive fans he now attracts.

During the first six seasons, Tony and Jack couldn't have been closer, saving each other's lives countless times. There has also been a change in the show's portrayal of torture.Sutherland has said that the format is the real star of the show (whose fans include Dick Cheney and Barbra Streisand) – it is set in real time over 24 hours – and it's true that it only makes it more compulsive. In fact, we have an obligation to torture to protect the country! '" Other voices were even more disapproving of a show that featured 67 scenes of torture during its first five seasons – a much greater number than any other TV drama.I watched the latest season in an unstoppable frenzy over just four days. Where the character is broody and moody, the actor is chirpy and cheerful. Melissa Caldwell of the Parents' Television Council, declared: "24 is the worst offender on television: the most frequent, most graphic, and the leader in the trend of showing the protagonists using torture." But now Barack Obama has replaced George Bush in the White House, and we are living in a post-Guantanamo Bay, post-Abu Ghraib universe."The other day, I found a British woman by my trash-cans," he says in bemusement."Her husband was waiting across the street, and she told me, 'this is one of the places we wanted to come on our visit to the US.' I thought, 'why is my trash on your itinerary?

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"9/11 happened when we'd only shot six episodes of the first series," Bernard recalls. We thought, 'Jeez, they can't put this show on air now'.