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The first attempt at reclaiming Chat Moss took place at the start of the 19th century.In 1793 William Roscoe began work on reclaiming the smaller Trafford Moss, now part of Trafford Park.

Chat Moss presented a significant challenge to the engineers constructing the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1826 because of the difficulty in providing a solid base for the track, in particular at a location known as Blackpool Hole.An agreement dated 1905, between Manchester Corporation and Plant Cottage Farm, shows that the corporation agreed to Once drained, stabilised and fertilised, Chat Moss became prime agricultural land, supplying Manchester with salad and other vegetables.The drainage channels, still required today, give the area its distinctive flat landscape broken up by ditches instead of hedges or walls.The problem was exacerbated by a gradual switch from the 1870s onwards from the older cesspit methods of sewage disposal to pail closets, which required regular emptying.By the 1880s, Manchester was producing more than of Chat Moss known as Chat Moss Estate from Sir Humphrey de Trafford, with a view to using the moss as a refuse disposal site.

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but as it was once part of a great tree-edged lake, as evidenced by the numerous wood remains in the lower levels of the peat, it is perhaps more likely that the name stems from the Celtic word ced, meaning wood.