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He collected and mounted anything that caught his fancy.

Ypelaar also manufactured and repaired microscopes, which are very rarely seen outside of museums. The handwritten list that accompanies the small drawer is signed with "A Ypelaar and Comp", dating the set to after circa 1808 (see Figure 6).Most preparations were mounted dry, but some are known in which he used a transparent varnish consisting of resin and turpentine.He also produced uncovered objects for examination by top-lighting.He later claimed that after selling his preparations for more than 20 years, he still had much of the material he collected during his youth. His parents, Hubertus and Anna Loman Sas, died when Martin was young.Hubertus was a prosperous businessman, and left a significant inheritance to Martin.


His trade had taught him delicate motor skills, and he soon produced quality mounts that overshadowed those of other preparers.