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Consolidating multiple service desks

While developers focus on churning out new features – i.e.

to achieve change – your operations team strive to keep systems stable – which means avoiding change by all means.

By breaking down feature lists into a backlog of manageable tasks, agile development models strive to complete functional versions of their software at the end of every sprint.

Sprint cycles typically last a week or two, sometimes more.

In Continuous Delivery nirvana you furthermore must collect data and provide metrics to control your flow of new features into production.

So far, only the first part – Development – has become truly agile.Ten years ago, IT organizations debated whether to outsource and what to outsource. In the era of cloud computing, all IT organizations do multi-sourcing in one way or the other.And this has a profound effect on how you manage your IT service delivery.It includes everything from source code management via build systems and artifactory repositories, to automated testing and deployment staging, from development and test environments to production. If “happy hackers” are left to deal with these challenges on their own, the solution will be geared towards the needs of a specific software project or team.To create repeatable deployment channels for re-use across your portfolio, ITSM experts must participate from an early stage.

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However, this is rarely what you would like to happen. You need to consider the organization’s marketing strategy, possible contractual constraints and other non-technical aspects.

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