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Consolidating school districts pros cons

But last month Waterville reconsidered, and voted to join the modified union.And on Town Meeting Day, Cambridge will also hold another vote on the matter."But I think it meets everybody’s needs and, ultimately, it meets the needs of the students – which is really what the ultimate goal is, to take care of our kids." They’re calling that proposed district Quarry Valley.It includes the pre-K-through-12 schools in Poultney, Proctor and West Rutland.So if voters are agreeable on Town Meeting Day, Russo-Savage says that will likely result in fewer supervisory unions statewide."If approved, she says, "we anticipate that there would be at least two fewer SUs." Not all of the Act 46 proposals are that complicated.

Andy Shaw is chairman of the Proctor School Board, and he also chairs the Act 46 Study Committee for the Rutland Central and Rutland Southwest Supervisory Unions.

"There are 10 separate proposals, they involve 57 different districts and 11 different SUs," she says.

"There are four proposals that involve districts from more than one SU.

Russo-Savage says some votes are scheduled next month and more are anticipated for May and June.

For towns such as Elmore, in Lamoille County, school choice is a 140-year tradition.

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But simpler plans are not necessarily easier to pass, either.