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They are under the misconception that dealing with Google, Facebook, Apple and Co is much the same thing as the corporate power structures they might have encountered at Siemens or at Deutsche Bank.And so they resort to the playbook of political regulation to match these powers.Social pressure always comes from the community as a whole, so it can never instrumentalized individually.Network power, however, becomes “platform power” when the standards adapted contain key mechanisms of exclusion.That isn’t wrong as such, but it conceals the far more important point that today, the platforms themselves have become influential regulators and political actors.

In economics, this phenomenon is called the “network effect”, but Grewal is quite right to view it as a political power factor in its own right.

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This enables innovation and technological advances but also adds a cyber dimension to operational risks.

So it makes sense to think about platforms not merely as companies that provide Internet services, but as political entities or even institutions.

Their impact on the political debate, on our society and coexistence, and therefore on all kinds of political decisions, is nothing short of the influence of traditional media. But unlike the other four estates, platforms are not limited by the boundaries of the nation state; they act and think globally by design.

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