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Ghana teen sex for mobile

Lardi met a boy during school holidays and fell pregnant to him.He refused to take responsibility for the child, and instead gave Lardi for an abortion.He’s seen, over and over again, the weight of the burden young women carry in Ghana and the challenges local and international agencies have to improve the lives of women and children.He’s met the young women and men at the forefront of the crisis and says the problems are clear, but the solutions are going to take time and generations of action.“All of the young women I met had a real sense of not knowing what they were getting themselves into,” Nyani says.“They have a vision of what it’s like to be at home with a baby and keeping house for their husband, but the reality is that they’re now saying, if I didn’t have a baby, I could be out with my friend.” Linda, pictured with her two-week old daughter, says "it's not fair" that she has had to drop out of school while the baby's father has been able to continue his education.They see the fathers of their children at school, and they have no hope of returning.

Programs that aim to educate youth via text message are promising, since they are inexpensive, private (adolescents are informed via their personal phones), and adaptable to many contexts and audiences.In addition, these programs allow experts to generate high-quality content that is then uniformly delivered to a large number of recipients.Forty-three percent of all girls in Ghana have sexual intercourse before the age of 18, and unwanted pregnancy is common.Despite this progressive approach, teenagers say they get their information about HIV/AIDS and contraception from mass media sources like radio, TV, and the Internet rather than from teachers, parents, or friends.The information they get is not always reliable: a recent national survey of adolescent health found that adolescents lacked fundamental knowledge about how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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