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Selena was beaming on the ice as she watched Justin's hockey scrimmage Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

While they haven't made any official announcement ... no woman's sitting through a guy's glorified practice, unless she's banging him.

Jelena fans have seen hockey dates like this one before.

Remember when Justin Bieber sang: "I didn't want anyone thinking I still care – I don't – but, you still hit my phone up."And then when Selena Gomez said: "Who's waking up to drive you home when you're drunk and all alone... rink last night wearing all black under a denim jacket, then watched from the stands while her not-so-ex ex-boyfriend skated around the ice rink like the Canadian that he is. About the NHL The National Hockey League (NHL®), founded in 1917, is celebrating its Centennial anniversary in 2017.The year-long celebration pays tribute to 100 years of NHL hockey by honoring the past, commemorating the present, and celebrating its future.They were photographed leaving the facility — with Gomez appearing to wear his red Devils jersey. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sealed the deal -- 'cause nothing screams we're back together like a chick happily slipping into her guy's sweaty jersey!

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