Internet dating and texting internet dating is the way of the future

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Internet dating and texting

My fingers paused over the keyboard, my blood boiling, as it had the entire weekend. Did he not have any idea how ridiculous his behavior had been? ”I wanted to tell him off, but I was too happy that he’d finally asked me out.

Despite this being the 21st century, I still heard my mother’s admonishing voice in my head, telling me I should never be the first to call a man, and I assumed texting followed roughly the same rules. I gave him a deadline (only in my mind, of course) of that Friday, but yet again I left a little open pocket in my schedule, as I had grown accustomed to doing for the previous two months. And just like always, here came his email inquiring about my weekend plans.

On weekdays, he would text to ask how I was, what I’d been doing, how work was. If I were to end it, I might never give us a chance to recapture the chemistry of our first date.

Then on Fridays, he would ask if I had any fun weekend plans. During our call, I learned that his two-week silence was from him being on an international business trip.

Not wanting to seem petty, I didn’t text or email him right away.

Instead, I waited until his usual text pinged in the following Monday, asking how my weekend had been.

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