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However, winning Best Supporting Actress came as a surprise for Rebecca as well as viewers.

Rebecca said, “I didn’t think I would get an award! When I joined the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, I didn’t know one single Cantonese word.” Reflecting on her initial struggles in TVB, Rebecca thanked executive Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), “Thank you for calling me and expressing your concern, and telling me how to enunciate clearly and pointing out the problems in my acting.” After an awkward pause, Rebecca added, “Hope the children who grew up in Mainland China and came to Hong Kong can find success here.” Kenneth Ma: My Favorite Male Character Nominated ten times for Best Actor, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) posed as the strongest competitor for Vincent Wong in this year’s race.

[She is] a person I really like; she gives me acting guidance and always listens to my problems.” Finally, Natalie thanked her deceased mother, “Although my mom is no longer here, I’ve been thinking of you all the time. I know I’m not perfect, but I’ve always tried my best in acting out different roles.” Best Supporting Actor: Joel Chan Joel Chan has always been a solid actor, but his controversial relationship with heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲) had nearly ruined his career seven years ago.

However, the breakup and subsequent career standstill only made Joel more determined to work harder in his TVB comeback. Accepting his award on stage, Joel thanked TVB and everyone for their support, as well as his deceased father.

It was understood that Raymond’s parents were unhappy with his ex-girlfirend Karena Ng‘s (吳千語) materialistic nature and thus introduced Carina to him.

Recent photos surfaced of Carina when she had won second place in 2010’s National Fashion Lingerie Model Competition in China. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. January 2018 – Various artists Mandy Wong, Sammy Leung, Priscilla Wong, Edwin Siu, Nancy Wu, Kenneth Ma, Grace Chan, Samantha Ko, Stitch Yu, Ashley Chu, Sammi Cheung, Mayanne Mak, Angel Chiang, Owen Cheung, Hubert Wu, Katy Kung, James Ng, Andrea So, Kelly Fu, Luk Ho-ming, Ricco Ng, Karl Ting, and Arnold Kwok February 2018 – Various artists Stephen Wong, Carlo Ng, Nancy Sit, Jaqueline Wong, Fred Cheng, Toby Chan, Sharon Chan, Johnson Lee, Helena Law, Bowie Wu, Joyce Tang, Bowie Cheung, Lau Dan, Elena Kong, Steve Lee, Hugo Ng, Angela Tong, Veronica Shiu, and Yoyo Chen March 2018 – Mat Yeung, Philip Ng, Vincent Wong, Kaman Kong, Rebecca Zhu, Shek Sau, and Tiffany Lau November 2018 – Various artists Kristal Tin, Natalis Chan, Liza Wang, Moses Chan, Bobby Au-yeung, Sarah Song, Jennifer Shum, Jason Chan, Ali Lee, Tracy Chu, Janis Chan, Heidi Chu, Kalok Chow, Jonathan Cheung, Koni Lui, Regina Ho, Juliette Louie, Emily Wong, Boanne Cheung, Anderson Junior, and Patrick Dunn December 2018 – Jayne Stars Media LLC reserves all copyrights.In his ten-year career at TVB, Vincent has slowly worked his way up from supporting roles to main lead.Crying emotionally while accepting his Best Actor award, Vincent said, “When my bank savings was only in the double digits, thanks to TVB8 for asking me to host a music variety program, and made me be in high demand.

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