Visual studio 2016 validating xml schema

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Create and configure datasets in Visual Studio Provides an explanation of the design-time tools for creating datasets.XML Web Services in Managed Code Discusses how to create and deploy XML Web services and how to access XML Web services.Step 2 Put the Xsd file in the following directory while Visual Studio is closed: $Visual Studio Directory$\Xml\Schemas (Replace the $Visual Studio Directory$ with the location of your Visual Studio) Step 3 Open Visual Studio and start writing your Xml file.Remember that you have to give the namespace of the schema in order to have schema validations and intellisense inside Visual Studio.Additional features include: The XML Schema Designer is integrated with Visual Studio and the XML Editor to enable you to work with XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas.Visual Studio supports debugging XSLT style sheets.

You can also open any file with the XML Editor by using the Open With option and selecting the XML Editor from the list.Also, getting hints and intellisense about Xml properties, elements and errors while writing the Xml file can increase the writing speed of the file.Visual Studio include this feature you just need to know how to enable it and use it. For example the following schema fragment has a “urn:schema-namespace” namespace: Having the namespace is a must because in Visual Studio you’ll have to give the schema namespace to the Xml file you write.XML Snippets Describes how to use the XML snippets feature.Editing XSLT Style Sheets Describes the XSLT editing experience.

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The following example is using the schema namespace from step 1: Lets sum up, I showed a very helpful tip of how to enable Xml schema validation and intellisense through Visual Studio.

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